69 - Oral at the highest level

Even though sex in position 69 is not a "real" sexual intercourse: that does not mean the 69 would be a boring number. It is rather a different pampering program. And that has it all ...

The 69 is considered by connoisseurs as the top position among the sex positions, it is the supreme discipline. She blows his dick and he licks her pussy. So both have the pleasure at the same time.

Who dominated the 69 will always have a great means to spoil the partner and to experience the highest sexual pleasure and without sexual intercourse. Let yourself be guided by the lady of your choice to this practice or take the initiative yourself.

This practice is possible 69 in a variety of variants

Side by side: Both partners are on the side. The head rests on the thigh of the other. For women, this position is a little more tiring because they need to keep their legs slightly open. The advantage: Both partners have a little more freedom of movement.

Standing: A partner lies on his back, for example on the bed, and lets his head fall slightly over the edge of the bed. The other partner stands wide-legged in front of the bed, bends over the lying sex partner and supports himself with his hands. This position is easier if it is a heterosexual couple. If this is the case, usually the man is lying on the bed.

Over each other: Both are superimposed. Here, one partner lies on his back, the other lies down on him in the opposite direction, so that both lie face to face with each other's genitals. If the woman is down, it is not easy for the man above to reach the vulva and the clitoris. It is better if the woman is upstairs. Here she can also kneel over the face of her partner. So he can pamper her completely relaxed.

One after the other: She is the simplest. Because it also benefits those who do not like multitasking. Many couples are indeed spoiling each other. In this way the other person's caresses can be fully enjoyed without having to make an effort at the same time. Of course it will be revoked afterwards.

The high art of pampering

Of course, in this love game of fantasy can be given free rein. For example, the mouth and tongue can be supplemented by the hands. Variations of position 69 also include oral stimulation of the anus (anus). It does not matter if you give him a handjob or if he stimulates her clitoris or vulva with his fingers or his hand. At 69 everything is allowed what makes you horny.

It is important in this position not always full throttle. Many enjoy it to take a change and to give the sexual partner to enjoy the air and to enjoy the lust of the opposite.

In an Indian Hindu temple, a statue was found depicting a standing man whose sex partner hangs headfirst down from his shoulders. Both stimulate themselves orally in this position. Also in the Kamasutra there is the position 69, but in the variant in which both partners are facing each other on the side.