Squirting - it's getting wet now

The female orgasm is as diverse as the women themselves are. A variant is the Squirten. Squirting is also known as female ejaculation. Men are, it seems, either very crazy about it or embarrassed by it. It is usually associated with an intense pleasure experience and leads to the bursting release of a secretion, which may be watery colorless and sometimes milky white.

The high art of squirting

Currently, the scientific findings assume that about 50% of women who have an orgasm, also have a female ejaculation. But you can also learn squirters. The better a woman knows her body and the more precisely the irritability of the G-spot is known, the better the ejaculation will work out.

The path to female ejaculation can be well achieved through erotic massages and is felt by most women to be very fulfilling and exhilarating. In addition, a woman can also masturbate her body. Similar to the prostate massage, the G-spot can be stimulated with the finger to find out which movement and intensity is lust-increasing.

The Gräfenberg region

The G-spot or G-zone was named after the discoverer Gräfenberg. This spot is located about 5 cm from the vaginal entrance, on the front wall of the vagina. For some women extremely lust increase, they come very quickly by stimulating this point to orgasm. The G-spot is only really felt and palpable after sexual arousal. The massage of the G-spot stimulates and activates the Skene glands, which then secretly secrete a secretion that is female ejaculation.

The ability to squirt during intercourse also seems to depend on position. In the missionary position, adequate stimulation of the Gräfenberg region by the penis is not possible - for anatomical reasons alone. It promises more success if the woman is sitting up or the sexual intercourse is carried out "from the back".

And also the stimulating and pleasurable feeling of G-spot stimulation can be practiced. Either alone or with the partner, which usually gives even more pleasure to discover together the most important excitement points.