An*l sex active - experience completely new feelings from behind

In an*l intercourse, it is first to know whose anus is because stimulated. In active an*l intercourse, this is the butt of the man. Here, the woman penetrates with her fingers or a sex toy in the anus and thus in the rectum of the man. For many men an absolute no go, for connoisseurs but a treat.

Anal sex can be very exciting for both partners, because in the anus many nerve endings come together. The anus is very tight, the stimulation intense. In the men, the prostate can be massaged excellently in this way. Anal intercourse can be both passive and active for both sexes.

The active an*l s*x is a very special technique to pamper the man. The woman penetrates with the help of a d*ldo into the anus of the man.

A common method is to use a strap-on or a strap-on dildo, where you put on a type of belt to which a dildo is attached. Thus, it is also possible as a woman to spoil the partner like a man. By penetrating the anus, the prostate is stimulated, resulting in a high-erotic feeling for the man. As with the erotic massage, in which the prostate also plays an important role.

Often the an*l intercourse is practiced in the doggy style where the man kneels on all fours and you are in a kneeling or standing position behind him. Depending on your preference but of course also a lying position on the side or on the back for both partners pleasant.

Active anal intercourse or also called Analkoitus, is practiced by heterosexual as well as homosexual couples. To maximize this practice, 2 aspects are extremely important:

1. The position should be chosen so that the passive part, in our case the man, can determine the intensity and depth of the penetration and possibly even dictate the rhythm.

2. The hygiene is very important in anal intercourse to not accidentally end in KV games. But nevertheless the danger is not great, since the rectum and the anus are only through-channels. Outside the stool, they do not come into contact.