Prostate massage - soaring times anderst

A prostate massage is a form of anal pleasure. One of the largest bundles of nerves in the male body is in the rectum - stimulation feels good no matter what sexuality one has, heterosexual or homosexual. This irritation leads to sexual stimulation, which is perceived as exciting and at the same time relaxing. With intense stimulation, an orgasm can be triggered without stimulating the penis itself.

When the pleasure in the man suddenly comes from within

The prostate can be reached with the finger or with a sex toy over the anus of the man. It lies about 4 cm after the entrance to the abdomen of the intestine. There is a rough spot marking the prostate. The prostate massage is the high class of erotic massage.

Massaging can be done with stroking or circular movements, as each man responds individually and feels certain movements as pleasurable. Depending on the duration and intensity of a small to large amount of prostatic fluid, which is also part of the sperm, slowly flowing through the penis are eliminated.

Direct prostate massage

At the beginning, the prostate gland is orbited and slight pressure applied. Again and again you can easily "ring" (press). When vibrating, on the other hand, you constantly exert power, but here you vary in strength. If the sphincter muscles are stretchy enough, one tries additionally to insert the index finger, then at the same time the left and right prostate wings are massaged.

Indirect prostate massage

In this variant, nothing rectally introduced. The gland sits, viewed from the outside, directly behind the testicle. Often you will find there a hairless area, under this is the prostate. If you push and rub lightly over the spot or you crumble it, it is a real treat. In the meantime the testicles or the penis are stimulated with the other hand - in this way the man comes to ejaculation in many cases.

A prostate massage means that the man is touched at his deepest and most sensitive place! Provided that the massage is performed on the prostate and not "anywhere" in the intestine, the massage can be lustful, erection-promoting and healthy. Often a prostate massage is described and received as very in-depth. For some recipients, the massage continues for days. Even people with reserved should not miss this attempt and enjoyment and go ahead with joy, so as not to miss this highlight.