Finger games - as complex as the hand

With the fingers and a portion of fantasy, the love game is reinvented again and again. The best part of the body to be pampered but also to be spoiled ... the fingers. Nothing in the world is more beautiful than to touch one's fingertips tenderly or, in complete ecstasy, hold your partner's fingers or even claw your way.

The fingertips have the most nerve endings in the human body and are thus the main organ that feels, feels and touches. And so it enjoys woman to be caressed with the fingers on the erogenous zones or man, of course, too.

10 fingers go on the erotic journey

With her: With the fingers woman can be wonderfully spoiled. The nipples can be caressed and the clitoris gently or hard massaged. But the fingers can also be formed into fist and a sentimental fisting will make the lady fly. In addition, the anus can be caressed with your fingers and provides unexpected highlights.

With him: finger games with the man are extremely attractive. No matter whether the fingers or fingernails scrape irritating on the neck or gently stroke the breast. Men are very much enjoying the fingers of a woman. In addition, it is of course incredibly erotic to pamper his penis and the testicles with his fingers. And even in man caressing the anus and the prostate is a kick of a very special kind.

Finger games are there for everyone!

Finger games are for everyone although the preferences of fingering vary. So everyone can find out for themselves what he feels to be sexy and so head with the fingers and enjoy the highlights. Frequently, finger games become erotic massages. But the best thing is finger games when combined with other sexual practices such as kissing, kissing tongue or verbal eroticism and so his sexual partner really heats up and makes you glow.