Pee active or passive?

Pee Active / Passive is a sex variant that is counted to the fetish, SM. Meanwhile enjoys natural active / passive (NS) of great popularity. More and more people have tried it or at least want to enjoy it. Generally, the game with pee is called asrophilia.

If the urine is then taken Oral is called Urophagie. Other names for pee are Pissing, Peeing, Golden Shower, GoldenwEs is a sexual practice in which a partner takes over the active part and gives pee (urine). Daterfalls and wet games.

Active or passive

The pee active is actually about a partner in one form urinating on the other. The scope depends on your own preferences. One can imagine actively NS as a never-ending ray pattering on the lady or the gentleman, or as light droplets that are deliberately distributed in certain places. NS aktiv can also be combined with a facesitting.

In pee passively is meant the one who receives the pee. The possibilities of pee passively are limitless and could lead to the most beautiful dreams.

When the desire increases with the excretions

Pee as humiliation: In this style of playing the active part feels the release of urine as an extremely dominant action. Having the power to humiliate partner with urine is extremely lust-enhancing for lovers of domination and power games.

Pee as a deep bond: If donated in a very familiar environment, pee can feel the partners as a very intimate and connecting game. A gesture that can be very loving.

Pissing as a reward: Depending on the slope of the passive part, the reception of pee can be perceived as a reward, because the active part of something very personal to the passive part to get.

Pee as punishment: If the passive part of the natural sect of the active as something disgusting or despicable, this practice is also used by the active part as a punishment. If the active part is sadistic and can especially torment the passive, the extremely lust-enhancing effect for the active part will be felt.

Giving is more blissful than taking

NS games can be done in different ways. As foreplay, aftermath or directly during intercourse. Even in the middle of sex, there are many types of pee active that can be directly involved. So the tabulose bustle is certainly a wet happy experience of the special class.

Appropriate practices are practiced by both men and women. The social acceptance of the practice is, as with others, the body excretions rather low. Accordingly few people come out as Urophil.