Caviar - What gourmet

Caviar and golden shower are the two practices that deal with human excrement. On the one hand NS, pee, the lust for urine of the partner and on the other hand caviar, the desire for the feces of the partner. The excitement arises, for example, by observing the elimination process (bowel movement), the sight of feces or by direct physical contact. Stopping the bowel movements to loss of control and the resulting feelings can lead to pleasure.

Excitement by caviar games

Caviar is one of the extreme practices of the fetish or BDSM field and is practiced by very few people. The preferences range from the mere observer in stool, to the smell or touch of the feces, to rubbing or consuming the excrement. What may seem repulsive to some is the highest form of pleasure for the fetishist.

Caviar games, also scat or coprophilia, are used in the BDSM scene to humiliate the slave or the slave, to "toilet slave". But they are also considered a special proof of the submission and the absolute connection between Dom (dominant part) and Sub (submissive, so submissive, part).

What should you pay attention to?

The active part is in these games, the "donor", the passive participant is peed or gezketet. The very hard take the droppings with their mouths and / or lubricate the rest of the face and other parts of the body.

In general, this practice is to be treated with caution. Since the feces a high concentration of bacteria and fungi prevails, especially people with immunodeficiency should do without this variety. The urine of a healthy person is a practically sterile liquid and thus relatively harmless. Feces, on the other hand, are not only significantly more odor intensive - you can also catch severe infections and diseases that can be transmitted by eating feces, such as. Hepatitis-C.

Allowed is what makes both fun

With this extraordinary desire one encounters but also in the western countries disgust and incomprehension, because the Western moral concepts come to their limits. And often it's just crossing those very boundaries that make up the appeal of the caviar game and make people break that taboo. No matter if as caviar dispenser or caviar receiver. It is also true here as with any practice: Allowed is what makes both fun.