Facesitting - Breathtaking and different

Who loves to lick will be amazed by facesitting. Facesitting or facial sitting refers to the naked or dressed up placing the genitals on the partner's face. Primarily it is about the smell or licking in relation to cunnilingus or anilingus. In addition, with Facesitting (or Queening) and breath control can be exercised. That By putting on the face, the breathing is restricted or completely taken.

Facesitting can be practiced from the gentle caress of the clit to the stunning 69 in a variety of ways. In combination with ropes or leather straps, this sexual practice becomes a "captivating" event. This sexual practice is often practiced by dominant women. The advantage is that she has full control over what happened and her satisfaction is central.

The different seating techniques

Gentle face sitting: If you feel like trying this sex practice, ask the woman to lie on her back on the bed and kneel over your face. Make sure your knees are not too close to your head to avoid hurting them in uncontrolled movements. Now lean forward on his chest so the emphasis is on his knees and chest.

Harder Facesitting: Of course you can also do Facesitting a step harder. In this variant, which is referred to as "fullweight", she kneels close to the partner's face and controls all movements herself. Many women feel pleasure when they press their vagina and vulva very close to the man's mouth. An enhancement of this facesitting variant is to handcuff the man. It is called a "bound". In this position he is completely at the mercy.

Reverse facesitting: Instead of looking him in the eye during oral sex, she kneels backwards on him and turns his face to his feet. Her butt will be an eye catcher. In addition, the fun is guaranteed for both of you in this variant - keyword 69er position.

While the man spoils you with his mouth, you can directly reciprocate and satisfy him also orally or with his hands. The facesitting ends for both of you with an orgasm. But sometimes it's nice to be pampered - the thank-you-blowjob can still be done afterwards.

Jeanssitting: The "Jeanssitting" is more of a fetish form. As the name implies, the woman is squatting over the man's face, fully clothed. It is not so much about the sexual satisfaction of the woman, but much more about dominating the man. You decide how far you go and when you really get started.

Cunnilingus in perfection!

Many men enjoy this practice very much because they have the lust of the partner right in front of their eyes and can see their orgasm directly or drink even if the partner can "squirt". Even pee passively is a good combination of practices in facesitting.