Kiss and be kissed

The kiss is considered "soul food" is considered a human soul travel and is practiced by many of our ladies. They master countless kissing techniques with their sensual lips, the wonderful mouth and their nimble tongue. A sexy mouth plays with verbal eroticism and oral sex can be the continuation of a successful kiss entry.

Kissing is more intimate and breathtaking than orgasm. The kiss is the oral touching of two people sharing intimacy. The lip encounters are more important than ever, because no matter whether tender touch or stormy passion, everyone gets their money and gets the appetite for more. A passionate kiss is at least as sharp as a spontaneous quickie, if not even sharper.

Most popular kisses

The tongue kiss, probably with the most widespread mouth kiss, which triggers the so-called "tingling in the stomach". A warm feeling overflows the body, endorphins are released and the body is heaped with pure happiness.

The kiss on the lips, is more likely to be a fleeting smooch, who is also quickly given as a welcome or farewell.

The Angel-kiss and the bite on the lip are the 2 extreme variants of kissing. On the one hand, the extremely tender, in the feather-light "angelic" kisses are breathed on the skin, on the other hand, the bite on the lip, in the experiment with pain intensity and length and of course, this form of intimacy may be exchanged on both sides.

A very special way to kiss is the Dominakiss, in which the lips and the body does not touch, but the mistress dripping her saliva in the BDSM game in the open mouth of the submissive part.

Whoever has fallen for the kiss will always do it again

Sometimes when kissing, the world stands still for a while - and sometimes nothing happens. When kissing not only lustful signals are sent from the fine nerve endings on the lips and tongue to the brain, but also exchanged at the same time a lot of information about the kiss partner: How the other feels, how it smells and tastes. Overall, kissing is a wonderful way to share caresses and to choose the entry point into the lovemaking, sex and mistress practices of the ladies.