Girlfriendsex (GF6) - Cuddling, closeness and sex

When girlfriend sex you get sex like with a girlfriend. In English, the term "girlfriend experience" (Girlfriend experience) is used, which describes a little better what it is all about. For the girlfriend sex is not only the sex itself. Instead, you have the opportunity to make the lady chic for dinner or to go to a bar with her, maybe in the cinema or musical. A carefree package. Closeness, stroking, kissing and cuddling are just as much part of it as sex and orgasm on both sides.

With GF6 more fun and intense experiences

This gives you the feeling that you are not just using a service. Often the sexual professional experience lacks tenderness and affection. This ends with girlfriend sex. For all, where the pure cumshot is not enough and the fast number brings an orgasm, but still many things fall by the ways, girlfriend sex is just the right offer. The orgasm of your partner is not played but real, skin contact and mutual pampering explicitly desired.

Where a man went to the prostitute many years ago to find sexual satisfaction, the man of today is often single, does not want to bind himself but does not want to renounce caresses and the emotional experience. So the offer girlfriend sex is no longer missing and has absolutely nothing to do with the offer of a pure quick sexual satisfaction. Also, conversations that were previously held only briefly, include much more detailed and empathetic to girlfriend sex. An absolute win for every man who wants ALL.

Tenderly cuddling and feeling secure

There is no aspect of enjoyment on the track. In girlfriend sex you can experience naturalness and security and even feel loved a bit. This is doubly beautiful, since tenderness, caresses and cuddling are proven to reduce stress and also have a positive effect on the mood. If you want to get not only the quick satisfaction, girlfriend sex is so well worth considering.

Although you pay for sex, the girlfriend or cuddle sex is a very intimate experience. The decision whether you finally have sex is up to you. And how you have sex also depends on your wishes. Instead, you take time for yourself and make you feel special.