French/oral-s*x - just enjoy!

French is generally understood as the pleasurable mutual satisfaction with the mouth and tongue. Also referred to as oral sex. Whether gentle or strong, slow or fast, only with the lips, with the tongue or the teeth - the imagination knows no bounds in oral sex. Important: oral sex must like both!

But oral sex can bring both man and woman to orgasm. Some experience this sexual practice as particularly satisfying, some can even reach the sexual climax only during oral sex. How exactly the oral sex looks - whether it's just with the lips, tongue or even teeth - depends on individual preferences.

Fellatio or cunnilingus

The fellatio is a form of oral sex in which the penis is stimulated by the mouth, tongue and lips. Sucking, sucking and sucking on the penis are also possible. Another variant of the stimulation is deepthroating (deep throat), in which the penis is completely absorbed in the throat.
Cunnilingus is a form of oral sex in which the external female reproductive organs, the clitoris, the labia, or the vaginal entrance, are treated with the tongue and lips.

The female pleasure zones

The inside of the thighs: licking, caressing and nibbling the inside of the thighs, then working up to the female sex - that provides plenty of excitement and excitement.

Clitoris: It is the ideal target zone for stimulation of all kinds. Sensitivity varies from woman to woman: some like strong pressure, the others gentle stroking, some others prefer indirect caresses around the clitoris.

The Labia: They form a kind of funnel at the entrance of the vagina and contain cavernous bodies, which increase in sexual arousal. Like the clitoris and vagina, they are among the female's primary sex organs. Yet they are far too often neglected.

The vaginal entrance: The mouth can also open the vagina, i. the divorce entrance, spoil. And the tongue can slide even a few inches into the vagina. Because the most erogenous zones of the vagina are located directly in the entrance area.

The dam region: It lies between the vaginal entrance and the anus. Although it is extremely erogenous in some women, this zone is often forgotten when pampering. It's worth trying out!

The male pleasure zones

The scrotums: Depending on the man, the sensibility of the scrotum is different. Some men love to be petted, licked and tickled with their tongue while others are absolutely insensitive. There is only one way: try it!

The perineal area: Perineum is the area between the back of the penis and the anus. At this point you can feel the penis shaft, which lies under the skin here. Kissing, caressing with the tongue or even nibbling and light biting are perfect here. Caution: Do not hesitate to apply strong pressure, so that the subliminal penis shaft can also benefit from the pats.

The anus area: The area around the anus is very susceptible to oral pats, but unfortunately is often neglected. Why? Of course because of the primary function of the intestinal outlet. Some women do not like the idea of moving around in this area with their mouth or tongue. Neither do some men like to approach this part of the body. Nevertheless, it's worth trying out!

The Penisschaft: Of course, this area is also like kissing and caressing - but with a certain pressure. Because this body zone is not very sensitive. Above all, the penis shaft feels strong pressure, especially in the back area, where it is less hard even when erected. When the mouth slides up and down while blowing around the penis, the effect is also greater when the lips and tongue press hard - unlike the sensitive glans, which likes to be gentle!

The glans: The glans is the most sensitive body zone in men and thus extremely sensitive to all sorts of caresses: lips, tongue, saliva, teeth (but only very tender, because the glans is very sensitive!). Nothing should be left unturned, because in principle there is nothing that HE does not like here! The most sensitive and therefore most erogenous zone: the glans, i. the furrow at the transition from the glans to the penis shaft.

The Frenulum: The Frenulum, i. the ligament that connects the foreskin of the penis to the underside of the glans penis is the most sensitive point of the glans penis and can cause most pleasure in men. It is advisable to never start with this hypersensitive body during the pampering program, but rather to explore other areas of the body with your mouth and slowly approach the extremely sensitive area. Attention: Maximum caution and gentleness are required! A delicate touch is enough to give him an extreme sense of pleasure.

The technique is crucial in French

Licking: The tongue is clever, wet and gentle at the same time. Thus, she is the ideal means to caress the partner especially erotic. Because the tongue can perform all sorts of tricks: it can circle, lick from top to bottom, vibrate ... and much else, depending on desire and imagination!

Sucking: Here, the partner feels a gentle pull at the requested location. Of course, this technique provides especially on the nipples for special excitement, but also glans, clitoris and even penis shaft and vulva are not averse to these caresses.

Push: To apply pressure, tongue, lips and even teeth can serve. The gentle to strong pressure usually has an extremely stimulating effect on the erogenous zones. Gladly may also be spoiled with the hands and the mouth at the same time.

Nibble: The teeth are capable of anything - they can provide extreme pleasure, but also hurt a lot! Here everyone has to explore the boundaries between pleasure and pain.

Small tools: An ice cube in the mouth for some goose bumps, a little whipped cream and chocolate sauce, to then nibble it? Try to include some goodies in your lovemaking.