An*l sex passive - great feelings when penetrating

In passive an*l intercourse, the penis is gently inserted into the anus in this practice and sexual intercourse is performed an*l. The anal region is one of the most erogenous zones of the body, which often react very sensitively when stimulated.

A new wonderful experience of orgasm

In anal intercourse, both the anus of the woman and the man can be stimulated. In passive an*l intercourse, this is the butt of the lady. Here, the man penetrates with his fingers, a sex toy or his penis into the anus and thus into the rectum of the lady. By penetrating the anus, the woman is stimulated by the A-spot, which causes her to experience highly erotic feelings.

For several years a widespread practice that is a treat for both partners. Where women need the aid of a strap-on (strap-on dildo), men also have the option of not satisfying them with their own penis, but even giving up the desire to use a strap-on. This variant is often used in BDSM to subject the submissive man to chastisement and thus to humiliate him.

The an*l sex in doggie position (ie the passive partner on his knees, the other behind it) is undoubtedly the most popular. But this position is definitely not the only position for lovers of Greek sex. The spoon position is much better for beginners, because it is much easier to penetrate the anus.

Of course, there are also people who can come to orgasm only through the penetration of anal sex. But most women (and many men too) need extra stimulation during sex from behind. As an active partner, there are many ways to make sex even more exciting for the other. In the spoon position, for example, it can simply be grasped forward to pamper the passive partner's clitoris or penis.

Prostate massage for the kick in an*l sex

The prostate is a sensitive organ and lies a few centimeters behind the intestine entrance. Gentle pressure and a light massage can work wonders here! However, many men do not like the slight stimulation of the anus or have other reservations about the so-called root massage.