Threesome - the extra portion of fun

The threesome is exciting, because it can be exercised in different ways and in different constellations. Sex threesome, or the "threesome" called opens up completely new possibilities. With a threesome there is more touch - more kick in threes !. That means 6 hands, 3 mouths and many possibilities

This starts with new positions but also the choice of sexual partners is quite interesting. But who thinks that would be a fad is wrong. The threesome was already practiced in antiquity and enjoys timeless popularity.

Possible variants for the 3 Series

MMF (man, man, woman):

The threesome with 2 men and a woman. In this variant, it must first be clear whether the men only serve the pleasure of the woman or whether there is a bisexual inclination on the part of men and they also want to take action among themselves. Particularly pleasurable with the Variant MMF is the simultaneous introduction of the penises into the female, e.g. Oral and anal, vaginal and anal or oral and vaginal.

Probably the best known position for this constellation is the "sandwich" in which a man lies on his back, the woman on him and the 2 man on the woman. Both men can penetrate vaginally and anal easily and give her a high-altitude flight.

MFF (man, woman, woman):

The dream of all men, 2 women in bed and off you go. This variant is particularly pleasurable for him, if the women involved have a bisexual inclination. Many men enjoy observing women in sexual acts and mixing with them in due course.

But this 3-piece also has its pitfalls. Especially with 2 women who are not bisexual talents demand from the male side double attention, which can quickly become too much for him.

The audience:

But there is also a third variant that comes from the BDSM Kontaxt. A 3 is just as conceivable by the second man holds back or must hold back and participates in the love game for reasons of humiliation. He himself remains unsatisfied.

Sexual enrichment with the threesome

One thing is for sure: After the threesome, you are definitely a few richer experiences. Having two sex partners to take care of you - that can take your lust to a new level. And maybe even give you the orgasm of your life. In addition, each "participant" brings their own preferences and ideas to bed, from which you can be inspired.