Bizarre - the kick through the special

Bizarrely comes into play when it comes to sexual encounter. Away from the pabulum. Why must it always be the same positions and the eternally identical foreplay during sex.- Why not even be bizarre and daring? Hard and unusual sexual varieties can lead to completely new insights. And above all to extraordinary highlights full of lust and gigantic orgasms.

Hardness, domination or simply other sex reflects this experience. The pee is becoming more and more popular. By no means is it bizarre. These are sex games and stimulations that are common to most lovers, yet they are a very special highlight. Bizarre sex games stand for behaviors that primarily target domination and submission. The whole thing is combined with playful punishment. Bondage or pleasure pains can play another role.

Bizarre games

In the broadest sense, "bizarre" is understood as embracing sexual practices that deviate from normality in the broadest sense. As a result, the word "bizarre" is unfortunately always a matter of interpretation. Because what is still normal for one is already on the list of the extraordinary for another.

If one of the partners takes the lead and the other follows his will of his own accord, it is called D / S games (dominance / submission). In this context, there are of course bizarre preferences such as facesitting, pee active, pee passive or kotverkehr (caviar).

In the BDSM there is the practice SM (sadism / masochism) which is extremely popular for bizarre lovers in a pleasurable version and is happy to be involved in the lovemaking. It can easily range from bites to the lips, through firmer stimulation of the nipples to flogging with various percussion instruments on a variety of body parts.

But the bizarre games also include extraordinary things like sex in an unusual place (eg slaughterhouse) or a preference for certain materials or objects (latex).

Important for bizarre games is always the free will and the mutual consent. It is allowed, whereupon both feel like. They should both agree voluntarily and it should not take any physical or mental damage.