Spanish (BV) - The lust for the chest

Spanish refers to the union of breasts and penis. The male member is placed between the woman's pressed breasts and then rubbed. Whether small breasts or big breasts, depending on your taste, this practice can lead to chandelier filling in all variants. Frequently, the Busensex oil or lubricant used to make the pleasure of an unforgettable experience.

Also called Mammalverkehr or Titty this is called "heaven on earth" for men. Depending on your preference Spanish is standing or lying practiced. The Busensex is also referred to as a "notary tie" or "Spanish tie". "Spanish" is not only between men and women, but Busensex is also practiced among women, in which case the breasts are rubbed against the vulva of the partner.

Other countries - other customs with Spanish

According to this motto, one could see the association of some sexual practice with a particular country. Because a precise explanation for it does not exist, why sexual practices are assigned to certain countries. So is "French active" and "French passive" for oral sex.

By "Greek" is meant anal penetration of the partner, regardless of who takes what role. Or even "Russian" for the thighs, which means the rubbing of the penis between her thighs.

A tribute to femininity

The lover of female curves will experience the highest satisfaction in "Spanish". With Busensex, men's dreams come true. Overall, Busensex (Spanish) is an extremely pleasurable way to push man to the very top of his manhood. The enormous pleasure gained by the fact that the man rubs his erect penis between the breasts of his partner.

This sexy position is reinforced by the fact that the face of the partner and especially her mouth, is so seductively close to the scene. The man has a clear view of the action and there are many seductive and bespritzbare digits for him.