Body insemination - now it gets slippery

Not to ejaculate in the partner, but to inject the sperm on the breast, abdomen or another part of the body, enjoy many men. It was not always like that. Many men prefer to squirt their juice on the woman's body rather than into her. This has several reasons for one, is the insemination of the woman as the marking of the area for the man and he injected like the body parts that make him the hottest in the moment of orgasm.

From face to toe, everything can not do anything

The Sexpraktik of the body insemination came only with the filming of pornographic material in private couples in fashion. Originally in porn, the cumshot of the man was made so "visible" in which he spilled his sperm on the body of the woman. This is called and still called Cumshot today. Only with this development, this practice also moved into the private bedroom. With body insemination is differentiated between

There are different types

Facial, the release of sperm in the face of the partner. For facials also the term facial cum is used.

Eyeshot, the targeted cumshot in the eye.

Bukkake, as a special form in which several men distribute their sperm on the body of a woman. You can also distinguish z.b. Breast bukkake, buttocks bukkake, foot bukkake and more.

Many men enjoy as part of the body insemination to ejaculate the partner in the mouth. But that is a special form.

It can also be a special charm if you wear hot sexy lingerie and inseminate it together with your fucked body. At the body insemination every place is allowed except the face.

Each his own

This sexual practice is generally considered to be misogynistic and humiliating, so it is advisable to discuss it with the lady first. In BDSM it is a common practice to humiliate in the game. Furthermore, it is also possible to increase the practice with it, then massage and rub the sperm like a lotion. Due to the sticky consistency then even more humiliation or even disgust should be caused.

To pursue the saliromania

With the body insemination one feels like to dirty someone with something and thereby to experience sexual arousal. Thus, the practices NS are active and NS passive also in the category of Saliromania.

Saliromania is a predilection or affection in which the soiling of persons or objects is associated with sexual arousal. In addition to purely visual stimuli, humiliation of the affected person can also play a role.