Erotic massage - the high art of touching

The erotic massage is popular with men and women. Many enjoy these touches especially. As the name "erotic massage" already suggests, this type of massage has something to do with eroticism. Unlike a normal massage, the erotic massage involves sexual stimulation and sexually stimulating.

Erotic massages are something wonderful for him and her and can be carried out very gently with massage oil up to firm grips. For the massage of the genitals, of course, the use of special lubricants to complete the enjoyment and round off. In good lovemaking, no massage should be missing or at least be shared. Tender touch of any kind increases lust and allows the erotic desire to increase the partner.

Which hot massage techniques are there?

The massage techniques, which deal with the genitals, so to speak, go under the belt, have their origin in the tantra teaching.

The Breast Massage: Of course, this is the name of the program. The breast massage can be very stimulating for both partners. Swipe slowly across the chest. Either gently swipe from the inside out or move slowly in a circular motion. Adjust the pressure at the lady's discretion.

The Yoni Massage: Yoni massage focuses on the vagina and this is what the term "yoni" stands for. This massage begins like any other erotic massage, but then devotes itself intensively to the female shame.

The Lingam Massage: During the Lingam massage penis and testicles are the stars of the action. Massage is not just about giving the man an orgasm by hand, it's about intensely experiencing every single touch. The lingam massage can be a good exercise to delay the orgasm.

From tender to hard everything is allowed what pleases

Often trained tantra massages are used in this context, which offer exactly that. In the Tantric massage, the erogenous zones are massaged with special handles. The male genitalia, in the tantra "lingam" and the female "yoni" are stimulated and irritated with special grips. A sexual arousal is wanted, desired but not compulsory. The energies are allowed to flow and it is allowed to happen what happens.