Shower games - now it's going to be enjoyable!

Many men have a preference for shower games. With the wet element, numerous erogenous zones can simply be stimulated and the partner massaged very erotically. Shower games are the best way to get close to each other and live together with many facets of common sensuality. What the shower games look like is reserved for everyone at their own discretion.
This, of course, involves mutual soaping and massaging with the shower jet, which also animates the partner to the most beautiful discoveries.

These shower games can be very exciting. If you have enough time, you can use these games in the shower as an extra long foreplay for the later climax. Who does not love being a man, extensively caressing and tasting the legs and the intimate area of the ladies at the shower games.

What makes a shower game so appealing?

Warm water: The warm water is soothing in the cold season. The water warms from the outside and also causes the blood to rage.

Cold water: Anyone who has ever made his partner glow with an ice cube can sympathize with how provocative a cold stream of water can be, which surprisingly reaches the erogenous zones.

Foam and Co: Soap foam on the skin makes the shower experience a highlight. Not just being stroked, but pampered with creamy silk and caressed is something for very special connoisseurs. If you then use a shower oil you can practice all massage techniques in the shower.

Special effects: Even those are under a rain shower and feel like being outdoors, gives a very special feeling that the shower game can make an extravagant event.

Sexual intercourse: Sex in the shower is considered to be particularly appealing. The water and shower gels automatically give more lubricity. Everything feels softer and more pleasant and the warm water on the body supports the perception of all the senses.

Cold or warm - a game of sensations

Shower games are popular with both sexes. Where the preferences are different. Where women enjoy the stream of water to stimulate the clitoris, men simply love to relax in the soothing shower and enjoy orgasm. But also together shower games become an experience. Mutual pampering with guaranteed success.

Wet it may be with shower games only too gladly. Depending on your imagination, you can use a wide variety of liquids in addition to pure water. More and more use shower games for urinal pleasures that can be lived in the bathroom quite discreetly and without remorse thereafter.