Verbal erotic - When the air vibrates without touching

Verbal eroticism can be as diverse as human sexual preferences. Because not every word is perceived by everyone as equally erotic. Verbal eroticism or dirty talk is for many people an additional kick that is not negligible. Just to bring the lovemaking in motion are sexy word an excellent introduction to a hot night. At the same time, what is said is not the most important, but rather the tone of voice and the tone of voice.

The sound makes the music

Interesting not only for the Dirty Talk: In conversations, people respect only 7% of the actually said, 54% of the impression makes the voice and the remaining perception is then gestures and body language. So it's time to lower the voice sexy and to speak erotically. Skilled verbal erotica know: it's not just the content of the words. It's your breath, your deep, demanding voice, and finally, your attention signaling that you desire it.

Dirty Talk works best in a direct and demanding response: A "I would love to have sex" is less effective than a sexy "Fuck Me Now, Baby!" But not every word has the same effect. It is important to clarify the vocabulary in advance. Is a pussy more of a down or anturner? Only one thing helps: openly address, otherwise the whole erotic mood is gone.

The little piglets in verbal erotic

To verbal erotic therefore also includes everything that linguistically serves to increase the excitement of the other or even your own pleasure. This can be softly breathed and vulgar dirty talk but also humiliations and humiliation, scorn, ridicule, the verbalization of superiority through orders and orders and infinitely more. It is also interesting to know that verbal eroticism works better when it is breathed into the left ear, where the information gets directly into the left hemisphere which is responsible for the emotional.

With verbal eroticism, however, the mood can also be excellently lifted. Short calls in the office, a small message on the mailbox and already the anticipation for the next meeting is considerably larger and the eroticism is instantly revived as soon as you look in the eyes again.